Sunday, 19 February 2017

All Need To Know About Political Parties

In democracy, political parties are playing a vital role when it comes to govern the nation. Different political parties have different fundamental and believes. If someone will look towards them, can find that great differences between the ideologies they have, the different agenda they are pursing.

It is obvious that, there are a huge number of political parties can be seen around the world and it’ll take a huge time to compare them. There are generally three political parties those are famous among the public and they are Democratic Party, Republican Party and Communist Party.

Democratic Party

Democratic Party is famous and one of the two parties in USA. This is the oldest political party in USA and also one of the oldest political parties in the world. In the year 2004 the citizens of USA has voted Democratic Party was known for being the biggest Republican Party as there was almost 72 million voters those are claimed as the Democratic branch. Apart from that, this party also known to hold the most state governorships. So this party has a well reputation and people always have shown their interest to it.

Republican Party

Republican Party is comes after Democratic Party and this is known as the second biggest political party in USA. It has a reputation as the Grand Old Party. This party has been founded by the individuals those are known as the anti-slavery expansion activities and also by the modernizers.  It had got Abraham Lincoln as the first president. So from all over the world this party gains huge public attention whiles there any campaigning in USA.

Communist Party

There are a huge number of Communist Parties can be found all over the world with different sizes. As these parties are not founded in USA but there are five other origin countries. These countries are China, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam. As their fundamental are quite different from these two conventional parties but they found base in different countries and influence the public.

A number of political events are shown to public in order to aware about their outlook and agendas by which they can grab more public to them.

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